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Newspaper articles `Plant closure a bitter blow to job prospects in Argyll` and `Seaweed jobs axed`, 1996

Two photocopied newspaper articles: (1) Kelco seaweed processing plant in Barcaldine threatened with closure. It produced algin, used in a range of food, pharmaceutical and industrial products. (2) 80 jobs lost with the closure of the Kelco plant at Barcaldine, due to fierce international competition in the algin market.


Newspaper articles `Kelco workers` fury over £2 million Girvan aid bid` and `The Kelco couples who face the loss of two jobs`.

Photocopy of two newspaper articles about (1) workers at Barcaldine`s Kelco International alginate plant are furious with their employers for applying for a £2 million grant to expand its Girvan factory, whilst Barcaldine faces closure, (2) Impact of 80 job losses from Kelco International alginate factory at Barcaldine.


Photocopy of book `Argyll Estates Instructions` edited by Eric Cregeen.

The instructions given by John, the 5th Duke of Argyll to his Chamberlain in Mull and Morvern and his Chamberlain in Tiree with an introduction by Eric Cregeen.

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