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Photocopy of book extract `Parish of Tiry` by Rev. Archibald McColl.

Description of the geography of Tiree, its wildlife, minerals, antiquities, climate, diseases, population, fuel, manufactures and fishery, livestock, agriculture, the character and customs of the people, the poor, schools, emigration, ferries, churches.


Photocopy of book `Argyll Estates Instructions` edited by Eric Cregeen.

The instructions given by John, the 5th Duke of Argyll to his Chamberlain in Mull and Morvern and his Chamberlain in Tiree with an introduction by Eric Cregeen.


Photocopy of 1969 Tiree Council of Social Services document to the Department of Agriculture for Scotland.

Petition addressed to the Divisional Vetinary Officer, organised by the Tiree Council of Social Services Agricultural Sub-Committee and signed by the owners of cattle wishing to apply for registration under the Brucellosis (Accredited Herds) Scheme.


Draft letter dated September 1968 from Tiree Council of Social Service to the Divisionary Vetinary Officer.

Draft letter from theTiree County Councillor and Robert Beck, vet and Chairman of the Agricultural Sub-Committee, on the advisability of the cattle owners of Tiree to join the Brucellosis Accredited Herds Scheme while the cattle are still free from infection.


Booklet `The Changing Role of the House of Argyll in the Scottsih Highlands` by Eric Cregeen.

Assessment of the role of the house of Argyll in the Highlands between 1680 and 1806. Front cover inscribed `With best wishes, Eric Cregeen`.

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