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Extract from death register and information about Captain John Lamont, Ruaig (1804-1866)

Copy of the death register for Master Shipbuilder Captain John Lamont (Iain na Hongs), Ruaig, from www.scotlandspeople.gov.uk, and information about his family and activities in Hong Kong in the mid 1800s in an email from Kathleen Kennedy to John Holliday in Sept. 2011.

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Black and white photograph of John MacDonald of Brock.

Carpenter John MacDonald (Iain Mòr) of Brock, father of Neil, Donald and Hughina and grandfather of Charlie MacKinnon of Vaul.



Audio cassette recording of Hector MacPhail talking at Vaul Golf Club on 31/1/1997

Hector MacPhail talking at Vaul Golf Club on 31st January 1997 about Clydesdale horses on Tiree, Tom Barr, the Scottish Horse Regiment, his great-uncle Archie MacDougall, Tiree blacksmiths, shoes and clothes made on Tiree, weaving and carpentry, graveyards and tacksmen, Sir Donald MacLean, Tiree place-names, UK boxing championship Donald Lamont, shebeens and whisky distilling, peat and seaweed, emigration, fishing and Hynish pier, local boat-building.