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Photograph of the old community hall at Crossapol in 2000

Colour photograph of the old community hall at Crossapol in 2000. The old hall was opened in 1960, demolished in 2001 and replaced by the new hall `An Talla` in 2004. (Original stored with 9 other photos of the old hall in filing cabinet 9 drawer 2)



The shed at Balemartine with the roof made from an old boat, photographed by Dr John Holliday in 2004.


The unpredictability of the sea quite naturally bred a strong sense of the magical and superstitious amongst Tiree’s fishermen. Everything had to be done sun- or clock-wise. Boats were always pushed into the sea stern first and then turned ‘deiseal’, clock-wise.

Women were thought to be unlucky in or near a boat. It was widely thought that it brought misfortune to have a minister on a boat. Even meeting a minister on the way to fishing was a bad sign. If anyone called after a fisherman going to sea it was unlucky and they turned back.

It was bad luck to burn a boat and the old fishermen would pull boats that were no longer seaworthy up on the shore and leave them to rot. Sometimes old boats were made into roofs for outhouses as in this photograph taken in Balemartine.


Photograph of the interior of a nissan hut, RAF Tiree ca. 1944.

Black & white photograph of the interior of a nissan hut showing bunk, book shelf and pin-ups, belonging to a crew member of 518 Squadron. (Original in filing cabinet 8 drawer 3)



Photograph of two RAF personnel relaxing in a nissan hut, Tiree ca. 1944.

Black & white photograph of Derek Dolwin (reclining on bed) and a fellow crew member of RAF 518 Met. Obs. Squadron, relaxing whilst off duty on Tiree during WWII. (Original in filing cabinet 8 drawer 3)



Black and white postcard of Am Bail`Ur / The New Village, Balephuil, around 1900.


Postcard of Bail`Ur, Balephuil around 1900. Houses L-R: Taigh Iain Bhlac (his first thatched house at present-day cattle-grid); Taigh Iain ’ic Dhòmhnaill Mhòir (MacDonald); Taigh Mòr an Tuathanaich / Dhomhnaill Mhic Nèill (MacNeill); Taigh Nèill Òig / Chaluim Nèill Òig (Sinclair); Taigh Dhonnchaidh Mhurchaidh (Campbell); Bùth Iain ‘ic Dhòmhnaill Mhòir (MacDonald); Taigh Sheumais Bhàin (MacDonald); Taigh Fhearchair/Taigh Chailein Fhearchair (MacDonald); Taigh MhacÀidh (Mackay) / Ealasdair Iain Mhòir / a’ Ghreusaiche  (MacArthur); Taigh Màiri Bheag; Taigh Ealasdair Bhrùin (Brown); Bùth/Taigh Ealasdair Lachainn (Mackinnon); Taigh Dhòmhnaill ‘ic Lachainn (Mackinnon); Taigh Chlèabhair (John Kennedy); Taigh na Coinneimh /  Balephuil Mission House; Taigh Chaluim Nèill (Brown); Taigh Ghilleasbaig Chaimbeil (Campbell)

Amendments to house names provided by Ailean Boyd, Balephuil.