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Photograph of Alick & Donald MacArthur and Hugh MacKinnon thatching ca 1900

Sepia photograph of three men standing on top of a thatched house (probably Sandaig) whilst thatching: Alick MacArthur, Donald MacArthur and Hugh MacKinnon. Found in Flora MacArthur`s house (now demolished) at Sandaig 2010. Original in filing cabinet 9 drawer 3.



Postcard of An Turas

Large postcard showing colour photograph of An Turas – The Journey, an architectural art installation at the pier head at Scarinish commissioned by Tiree Art Enterprises (Chariman: Brian Milne, Scarinish) and completed in 2003. On the reverse side are the names of the architects, artists and sponsors, along with an architectural drawing of the structure.


Hector MacPhail talking about apprentice sailor Iain MacArthur

Sound clip in English of Hector MacPhail talking about apprentice sailor Iain MacArthur of Roisgeal in Caoles.

Hector MacPhail of Ruaig tells the story of the first voyage of Iain MacArthur from Roisgeal in Caoles on his uncle’s sailing ship. He was made to turn out in foul weather to change sail and to sew up the bodies of his fellow crew members after a fever had gone round the boat.