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Photograph of a wooden boat in Scarinish harbour before World War II

Sepia photograph of a wooden boat of the dipping lug-sail type anchored in Scarinish Harbour with the pier and Mary Stewart freight store in the background. On the reverse is written “Pre WWII”. (Original stored in filing cabinet 9 drawer 4)



List of boats used on Tiree and Coll in 1847, and their state of repair.

Table listing the names of boat owners on Tiree (76) and Coll (4) in 1847, along with township, length of keel, crew size, rig of boat, state of hull, state of oars, state of sails, state of hasts(?), state of tackling, sum required for repairs, state of small long lines, state of long lines, state of hand lines, state of hooks, sum required for fishing gear. Extracted from a government report on the measures adopted for the relief of distress in Scotland. Accession includes title & contents pages of the report. Full report downloaded from EPPI website to An Iodhlann computer.



Photograph of Lamont Dock, Hong Kong, c. 1905.

Black & white photograph of Lamont Dock in Hong Kong around 1905. The Lamont Dock was completed in 1860 and is named after John Lamont who was from Tiree. When John Lamont and Admiral Sir James Hope built the docks, they accurately foresaw the tremendous width of ships of the future. Original emailed news article extract in Filing cabinet 9 drawer 3.