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Admission Register for Balemartine School 1945-1971

Admission register for pupils attending Balemartine School from 20 Sept 1945 to 13 April 1971, giving date of admission, pupils’ full name and date of birth, name of parent or guardian, relationship, address, name of last school, date of leaving, and cause of leaving or where gone. Birth dates range from 1933 to 1966. On permanent loan to An Iodhlann from Tiree High School, Cornaig (Headteacher Myra MacArthur). Also contains loose sheets of handwritten notes about (1) new address of Mrs J Grieve, mother of Carol Ann and Alexander Moncrieff Grieve, when they left Tiree for Kirkaldy, Fife, (2) the date of birth and religion (protestant) of brothers James and David McCrae of West Hynish, and the name of their guardian – Bella MacKinnon. Lists the previous school of 80 boarded-out children. Includes separate daily register for year ending July 1971 recorded by teacher Mary MacPhail. Also leaflet produced by wartime authorities “War Emergency Information and Instructions” (photocopy 2009.56.2, filing cabinet 9, drawer 2).


Documents about “Boarded Out” children from Glasgow City Children`s Dept. Annual Report 1950

Photocopied pages from the first annual report of the Corporation of the City of Glasgow Children`s Department about “boarded out” children from Glasgow (included some to Tiree) issued on the instructions of the Children`s Committee and covering the period 1st June 1949 to 31st May 1950. By R. Brough, Children`s Officer.

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Admissions Register for Ruaig School 1919-1969, giving date of admission, pupils’ full name and date of birth, name of parent or guardian, relationship, address, name of last school, date of leaving, and cause of leaving or where gone. Birth dates range from 1911 to 1963. Lists the previous schools of 76 boarded-out children. Includes four separate daily registers for years ending July 1967, 68, 69 and 70, recorded by teacher J M McFarlane, and miscellaneous other papers.



Video recording of an unknown BBC programme about boarded out children broadcast in 1996.

Programme about children boarded out to Hebridean islands, the work they did on the crofts and how they were treated, featuring Hector MacPhail of Ruaig, Bernie Smith of West Hynish, Jean MacCallum of Balevullin, Robert Gray of Balemartine, Tommy Monaghan of Heanish and John Fletcher of Balemartine.


Photocopied newspaper article about Tiree.

Local news about the good weather, visitors enjoying Vaul links, the chairman of the new school board: Hugh MacDiarmid, lambs, the pier works, acting mate J MacKinnon of Vaul who is to sail for Ontario and visits to boarded-out children by Mr MacInnes of the Glasgow Parish Council.


Black and white postcard of the fank at Kennavara in the 1930s.

The fank at Kennavara after sheep-dipping in the 1930s. L-R: (back) John MacGillivery`s wife; Niall Brownlie, Barrapol (Johann MacKinnon`s brother); John Brownlie (Johann and Niall`s father); D. C. MacKinnon, John MacGillivery`s half-brother; Margaret MacGillivery, John`s daughter; Hugh MacGillivery, John`s son; Marianne or Annie, John`s sister; John MacFadyen, Annabella MacNeill`s father; (front) Malcolm MacDonald, shepherd in Barrapol, Johann`s half-brother; John Wright, boarded out; Donald MacLean, father of Hugh, Willie and Angus; Hugh MacKinnon (Eoghann Ban); Archie Sinclair, brother of Alasdair, A` Chachaleith Dhubh, Grianal; Willie MacNeill, from the Land who worked for the MacNivens.



Black and white photograph of Donald and Christine MacKinnon of Balephuil.

Photograph of L-R: Donald MacKinnon (shoemaker and member of the Land Leagues movement), Alasdair MacKinnon (Donald`s brother and grandfather to the twins at Bail` Ur), Caroline Black`s father, Christine MacKinnon (Donald`s wife), and two children “who brought him up” (referring to Bernie Smith, Balephuil?)



Black and white photograph of Ruaig School 1925-6.

Ruaig School, 1925-6. L-R: (back row) Robert MacLeod, teacher; Neil MacDonald, Brock; ?; ? ; Archie Falls; Charlie Lamont; Archie MacFadyen, Ardeas; Lachie MacLean, Vaul; (2nd back row) Donald MacDonald, Brock; Mary Donnelly *; Morag Lamont; Peggy Nicholson *; Kate MacGill *; Annie MacLean (now in Africa); Chrissie MacInnes, Salum; Flora MacKinnon, Dunmore; Mary MacKinnon, Seaside, Vaul; Ina Anderson *; Donald MacArthur, Milton; Donald Archie Cameron; Miss MacKinnon, teacher from Mull; (middle row) Hughina MacDonald; Flora MacLean, Caoles; (2nd front row) Jessie MacGill *; ?; Lizzie MacGill *; Lizzie Barr *; Ina Falls *; Annie Lamont, Ruaig; Maggie MacKinnon; Lizzie Hobbins (cousin of Lachaidh Sheumais); Effie MacArthur, Roisgeal; (front row) Neil MacLean, Carnan; Angus Lamont; Lamont twin; Lamont twin; John Falls *; Mark Hare *; David MacLean; John MacFadyen, Ardeas; Effie Berry (Donald Berry’s mother); Lachie MacFadyen; Ruby MacDougall *; 44 Willie MacIntosh. (* boarded out)