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Photograph of Mary MacKinnon, Barrapol, and her two daughters Christina and Euphemia ca 1930

Black & white portrait photograph of Mrs Mary MacKinnon (nee McKenzie), Barrapol, with her two daughters Christina MacKinnon and Phemie MacKinnon, seated on the ground with a picnic around 1930. They owned Morven House (later Drovers Cottage).



Photograph of the MacKinnon family of Glasgow and Barrapol ca 1890

Sepia portrait photograph of Neil MacKinnon, Glasgow and Barrapol, with his wife Mary (nee McKenzie), and their young children Euphemia MacKinnon (Phemie), Neil MacKinnon (Neillie) and Christina MacKinnon. The MacKinnon family owned Morven House, Barrapol, later renamed Drover`s Cottage.



Photograph of re-thatching at Drovers Cottage, Barrapol, in 1921

Black and white photograph of re-thatching the roof of Drover`s Cottage, or Morven House as it was known then, in 1921. On the roof is John MacKinnon (Flora MacLean`s father). On the wall is Alasdair (Alex) Campbell (uncle of Alasdair Sinclair, Greenhill). Standing out in front of the house is Mrs Neil (Mary) MacKinnon.