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Black & white photograph of Captain Lachlan MacPhail (1889-1961; Tiree and Glasgow) in uniform around 1943. Lachlan MacPhail served in the Merchant Navy during WWII and was an accomplished piper and writer of pipe tunes and Gaelic poems. The popular pipe tune ‘Captain Lachlan MacPhail of Tiree‘ was written by his friend, Peter MacFarquhar of Moss, in his memory. During WWII, Lachlan was a mourner at the funeral of ‘The Man Who Never Was’, a ruse to mislead the Germans.




Extract from book The Tiree Bards / Na Baird Tirisdeach about the Balephuil fishing disaster of 1856. One boat belonged to Donald MacLean of Cheann-na-Creige at the south end of Traigh Bhi, Balephuil, where The Studio now stands. Plus some information about Ceit Chalein (Katie Dubh) of Am Bail’ Ur who helped Donald MacLean while his house was being built.

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Softback book ‘Eilean Uaine Thiriodh / The Green Isle of Tiree’ by Margaret Bennett and Eric Rose, 2014. Signed “Presented to An Iodhalnn by Ethel MacCallum, May 2015”, it is a biography of Ethel MacCallum who, in 1942, was evacuated from an orphanage in Glasgow to the Island of Tiree. She became fluent in Gaelic and, with her natural gift for music and song, was encouraged to write her own compositions. The book includes some of her original work on a CD.


Hardback book `O Choille gu Bearradh – From Wood to Ridge – Collected poems in Gaelic and English’ by Sorley MacLean, 1989

Book of Gaelic poems by Raasay-born Sorley MacLean (Somhairle MacGill-Eain; b. 1911), with English translations. Signed by the author “do Mharsaili, le dùrachd, Somhairle MacGill-Eain, 7.4.90”, and then by Margie (Mharsaili?) “To the Holliday family with best wishes, Margie Woodward, Cley Oct. 1999”.


Papers relating to bard John MacLean, Caoles (1787-1848)

Copies of papers relating to the life, work and family of John MacLean, shoemaker, Caoles. Known as the `Bard Thighearna Cholla` he was born in 1787, married Isabel Black, Lismore, in 1808, emmigrated to Nova Scotia 1918, died in Nova Scotia 1848. Includes transcripts and photocopies of marriage certificate, a handwritten account of the sale of hides (1816), two letters to his brother dated 1838 and 1840, a promisory note for 9 shillings, a letter from his son Allan to him in 1847.


Book “Na Baird Tirisdeach”

Book “Na Baird Tirisdeach – The Tiree Bards” containing original compositions of natives of Tiree at home and abroad. Edited by Rev. Hector Cameron. (Belonged to Ian Johnston, Heanish and signed “To Aunty Mary from Morag, Xmas 1934”).