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RAF brevet for Meteorological Air Observers of the Tiree 518 Squadron

RAF brevet or “wings” for the Meteorological Air Observers of 518 Squadron based on Tiree during WWII. The badge would have been sewen above the left breast pocket of the airmen`s uniform, above any medal ribbons. Depicts single wing with letter `M` in white and brown stitching on black fabric background.


Tiree in 100 Objects – 21 – Brevet

The History of Tiree in 100 Objects


Nurse`s metal badge from the Victoria Infirmary, Glasgow

Enamelled round metal badge that would have been worn by nurses at the Victoria Infirmary, Glasgow. Bears a prowling panther with the St. Andrews cross in blue and white in the background and the words “Victoria Infirmary, Glasgow” around the edge. Has the name “Flora Campbell” engraved on the back.


An Comunn Gaidhealach National Mòd gold medal

Gold medal awarded to a National Mòd competition winner, bearing the words `An Comunn Gaidhealach` and `Ar canain `s ar ceol` in a circle on a dark blue background, and a red `T` with celtic knot-work, the sun rising over the T, and a scroll and harp on either side with a light blue background. Date unknown, winner unknown.


Two Clan Gillean badges, two name badges with ribbons and a silver ring.

Two Clan Gillean / MacLean badges: OSC Toronto (1931-32) and “Past Royal Deputy” , two name badges with ribbons for clan conventions in Detroit (1953) and New York (1956), and a silver ring with the Clan Gillean crest. From a collection of memorabilia belonging to Alexander C. MacLean.