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Lapel or cap badge of RAF 518 Squadron found on a sports field in South Island, New Zealand, in 2019 (32 x 20 mm). Made in Birmingham by HW Miller – medal, badge and button manufacturers since the 1930s. 518 Squadron – Meteorological Observers was stationed on Tiree during WWII. Only a handful of New Zealand men served at RAF Tiree, and it is presumed that the badge belonged to one of them and was dropped on his returned to New Zealand. The badge depicts a hand holding a key with the inscription ‘Tha an Iuchair againn-ne / We hold the key’.


Two badges and a certificate for proficiency in Gaelic conversation, 1930s

Two brass badges (one gold and one red) and a small card certificate awarded to Fionnghal NicFhioghainn (Miss Fiona? MacKinnon), and signed by Neil Shaw on behalf of An Commun Gaidhealach. Mr Shaw came to the school every year in the 1930s to examine the pupils` ability to make Gaelic conversation. Grades of proficiency were gold (bottom grade), colour? (làn/full, second grade) and red (sàr/excellent, top grade).

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`Winged bullet` brevet of RAF aerial gunners during WWII

Brass badge depicting a bullet with wings that was worn on the upper arm of the right sleeve by RAF Aerial Gunner Stan `Lofty` Weatherill who served on Tiree during WWII. The `winged bullet` brevet was replaced in December 1939 by the Air Gunners brevet of 12 feathers and letters AG surounded by a laurel wreath. Donated in a black plastic case with information by Lofty`s wife Barbara Weatherill.


RAF brevet for Meteorological Air Observers of the Tiree 518 Squadron

RAF brevet or “wings” for the Meteorological Air Observers of 518 Squadron based on Tiree during WWII. The badge would have been sewen above the left breast pocket of the airmen`s uniform, above any medal ribbons. Depicts single wing with letter `M` in white and brown stitching on black fabric background.


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Nurse`s metal badge from the Victoria Infirmary, Glasgow

Enamelled round metal badge that would have been worn by nurses at the Victoria Infirmary, Glasgow. Bears a prowling panther with the St. Andrews cross in blue and white in the background and the words “Victoria Infirmary, Glasgow” around the edge. Has the name “Flora Campbell” engraved on the back.