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Three letters dated April/May 1899 from artist Duncan MacGregor Whyte, Glasgow, to the Duke of Argyll’s factor Hugh McDiarmid, requesting permission to build an artist’s studio (later known as The Studio) at Balephuil. From the archives at Inveraray Castle.

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Dissertation on William Murray, Glasgow, Carver and Gilder (1796-1867) who created the wax portrait of Captain Donald MacKinnon, Heanish, which is held in An Iodhlann. Captain MacKinnon sailed the tea clipper ‘Taeping’ to victory in the Great China Tea Race of 1866. William Murray was the father of Captain MacKinnon’s wife, Margaret Anne Murray. See pages 20-22 regarding Captain MacKinnon.

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Newspaper cutting about an exhibition of paintings by Duncan MacGregor Whyte in Oban in 1984, including a photograph of his daughter-in-law, Mrs Ena MacGregor Whyte, at the exhibition. Duncan MacGregor Whyte was a prolific painter of Tiree scenes and Tiree people during the early 1900s, and built a studio at Balephuil.

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Collection of 11 black & white and colour photographic prints of miscellaneous subjects taken by Brian Milne, Scarinish, around 1990. Includes one of 16 crofters about to board the plane (see P171; 2011.111.10), three of school children doing an art project, Michael Holliday in face paint, a car in the snow at Scarinish, and several of Princess Ann at the opening of the Alan Stevenson Centre at Hynish (see Q184; 2012.9.1).


Photograph of a painting by Duncan MacGregor-Whyte

Colour photograph of a painting of a boy sitting on the machair at Balephuil, with Kenavara in the background, by Duncan MacGregor-Whyte (1866-1953) of Oban/Balephuil. Taken at an exhibition of his works in Oban in 1984. The boy is John Brown of Balephuil, Donald Archie Brown’s cousin.



Series of photocopied letters dated 17th May 1982 to 6th October 1982 between Christina MacGregor Whyte and Mr Colin O`Brien, the headmaster of Tiree High School, regarding a large bequest from the estate of Duncan MacGregor Whyte for school equipment. Duncan MacGregor Whyte was a renowned artist who built ‘The Studio’ at Balephuil, and who painted many portrait’s of Tiree people. Christina (Ena) MacGregor Whyte was his son’s wife.

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