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Photograph of Crossapol Bay with Beinn Hough in the background, ca 1910

Card-mounted, black & white photograph across Crossapol Bay with Beinn Hough in the backround. Taken from An Àird, Tràigh Bhàigh, by well-known art photographer Andrew Swan Watson around 1910. Watson worked in photography from at least as early as 1884 until around 1930, had a studio in Edinburgh, was the President of the Edinburgh Professional Photographers Society, won several European awards, and was noted for his photographs of clouds. This landscape shot may be one of the earliest ever taken. Information about Watson and his studio on label on reverse.


Hand-carved wooden picture frame, ca 1910

Ornate wooden picture frame carved by one of Hector MacKinnon`s family (Lodge Farm, Kirkapol) at Lady Victoria Campbell`s woodworking class, ca 1910. The frame contained three oval portraits of men (see 2014.106.1), but the back broke off during woodworm treatment in 2013.


Souvenir tea towels from Tiree, 1970

Two linen tea-towels with hand-drawn images from Tiree. Designed and commissioned in the 1970s by Mona MacLean, Scarinish, for sale in her shop at the top of the pier road. Includes a photocopy of a newspaper advertisement regarding the tea-towels and a photocopy of a letter from a Miss Macdiarmid of Edinburgh wishing to buy two by post (originals stored in filing cabinet 10 drawer 1). From the belongings of Angus MacLean, Scarinish.

Click here for letter and advert


Photo of a portrait of Lady Frances Balfour ca 1875

Colour photograph of an original portrait of Lady Frances Balfour (nee Campbell; 1858-1931) as a young woman. She was the sister of the Duke of Argyll and loved Tiree, staying at The Lodge on Gott Bay for many years. The portrait was painted by her sister-in-law, HRH Princess Louise, Queen Victoria`s youngest child, and then Marchioness of Lorne (1848-1939). (original print with information stored in filing cabinet 10 drawer 1)



Original painting of an old woman by Duncan MacGregor-Whyte

Framed original portrait of a seated old woman `picking` wool, by Duncan MacGregor-Whyte of Oban and Balephuil. Picking is the process of teasing the fibres apart to open out the fleece and make it fluffier and easier to card; some vegetable matter and dirt also falls out in the process.


Oil painting by Duncan MacGregor-Whyte of Balephuil and Oban.

Framed, unfinished oil painting by Duncan MacGregor-Whyte of John Brown, Balephuil, as a boy. John was Donald Archie Brown`s father`s cousin. The painting was gifted to Flora MacLean, Druimfroaich, by Ena MacGregor-Whyte, the artist`s daughter-in-law.