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Tiree Annual / Bliadhnail Thiriodh 2014. Annual magazine of history and nature articles, the year’s births, marriages & deaths, summary of achievements of Tiree Community Development Trust. Compiled by Simon Wellock on behalf of Tiree Community Business.


Hardback book ‘Transactions of The Gaelic Society of Inverness, Volume XVII, 1890-91’, 1892. See ‘Sgoil nan eun, no, mac an fhucadair’ tale by John Gregorson Campbell. (Page 58) Donation label ‘Tiree High School: This book was donated by Gordon D. Donald’.


Collection of RSPB information about Bumblebees

Collection of six informational items about bumblebees and their conservation: (1) Bumblees on the Edge- poster guide to the habitat management for bumbleebees in north and west Scotland, (2) Bumblebees of Tiree – Leaftlet about the types of Bumblebee found on Tiree in connection with the Bumblebee Walk, (3) Leaflet from Bumblebee Walk with information `About Bumblebees` and the differences between bumblebees and honeybees, `Bumblebee Facts` including Life Cycle, (4) Information about Gardening for Bumblebees, (5) Information leaflet about Providing Bumblebee Nest Sites, (6) Scottish Rural Development Contracts Help for Western Isles Bumblebees – Information from The Bumblebee Conservation Trust and The RSPB containing information about the Creation and Management of Species Rich Grassland, Seed Mix, Grazing Recommendation and Management of Species Rich Grassland.


Otter at Gott Bay

Photograph of an otter at Gott Bay in April 2007.


Courtesy of Mrs Carole Russell

Paul and Grace Yoxon of the International Otter Survival Fund based in Skye conducted an otter survey of Tiree for a week in August 2003. The coastline was mapped for secondary evidence of otters: spraints (droppings), sprainting points, freshwater pools, lie ups and holts (dens).

Five otters were sighted during the survey and nine major holts found. From this data, the number of otters resident on Tiree was estimated to be between six and eight. From analysis of the spraints, their diet consisted mainly of marine fish supplemented with hare.

While on holiday in April 2007, Carole Russell took this photograph of an otter on Gott Bay. The otter appeared from the direction of Soa, swiftly made his way along the waterline then disappeared inland.

Colour photograph of an otter on Gott Bay.

An otter on Gott Bay, photographed one eveing in April 2007.

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