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DVD of TV programme Cairdeas Cogaidh in Gaelic and English, featuring Prof. Donald Meek documenting the life and death of his relative, John MacDonald of Caoles, and John ‘Jock’ Stewart who served with John MacDonald in France when John was killed in action in 1917. Donald begins with papers kept in his family’s home in Caoles for 100 years, then travels to John’s grave in France, and on to Africa where Jock lived and worked as a vet.


Photograph of a dinner plate with a parrot in the centre, ca 1910

Colour photograph of a white china dinner plate trimmed in grey and burgundy with a small drawing of an African Grey Parrot in the centre. The plate was part of the wedding dinner service of Alison Balfour (Lady Frances Balfour`s daughter, both of whom regularly visited Tiree) around 1910. The parrot `Kusakoo` was an engagement present from her fiancee Dr Milne, around 1909. The photograph was taken by their grandaughter Jean Lindsay. (original stored with 2012.16.6 filing cabinet 9 drawer 4)



Photograph of Alison Balfour and her parrot, 1909

Black & white photograph of Alison Balfour (daughter of Lady Frances Balfour who regularly visited Tiree) on the steps of her home in Addison Road, London, with the African Grey Parrot `Kusakoo` that her fiancee Dr Milne gave to her as an engagement present in May 1909. The parrot was taught to say “no votes for women”! (original stored with 2012.16.6 filing cabinet 9 drawer 4)



Information and photographs about Alison Balfour and her parrot.

Handwritten information and photographs regarding Alison K C Balfour`s (Lady Frances Balfour`s daughter) engagement to Dr Milne and the African Grey Parrot that he gave to her in May 1909. The parrot was taught to say “no votes for women”!


Black and white photograph of Rev. Allan Munn copied from the book `Voices in the sun` by Elspeth Jack.

Rev Allan Munn was born in Heanish in 1867, the son of Hugh Munn and his wife Ann MacKinnon. Allan left Tiree for Glasgow University and was ordained in 1897 into the United Free Church. His first parish was in Inverness. In 1911 he spent several months at the Scottish Church of Algiers and in 1913 he moved with his wife and seven children to take charge of a church in Germiston in the Transvaal. Eleven years later he moved to the Presbyterian church in Bulawayo, now in Zimbabwe.



Black and white photograph of John MacNeill with Pat Hobden in South Africa.

John Napier McNeill was born at `Argyle` near Stutterheim in the Eastern Cape of South Africa in 1881. He was the second child of Donald MacNeill from Hough and his wife Mary Napier who were married in Glasgow in 1877. John is holding his niece Vivienne Patricia Hobden (1924-1998), known as Pat, the daughter of his sister Sarah Currie MacNeill.



Colour photograph of an old reaper and binder at Tufthill Farm in East Cape, South Africa.

An old reaper and binder used by the descendants of Marion and Donald MacNeill from Hough who emigrated to South Africa in the 1870s or 1880s and settled at Tufthill Farm in the Eastern Cape (see photo K157).


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