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Composition ‘When Tiree held the Key to D Day’ by John Robertson 2018, about the critical role of RAF 518 Squadron Meteorological Observers, which was based at Tiree during WWII. Originally compiled for the Highalnd Aviation Museum in Inverness.

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Emailed information about the HF/DF Station at Kenovay. Built in the utmost secrecy during WWII, it was used to track aircraft and German U-boats, and was key to D-Day operations. After the war all traces of it were carefully removed.

It was certainly in use on D-Day! Its exact  location I cannot be sure of but its intended location was MKJM 06593073 using the Georef system which places it at latitude 56 30 43.8N longitude 006 53 24.6W and its role was vital in securing the return of Coastal Command weather recce aircraft. D-Day was to have been 4 June but Gp Capt Stagg advised General Eisenhower that the weather was a no-no but he had reports from a weather ship that indicated that rising pressure and temperature were likely to push the worst weather North.  An elite crew from 518 Sqn on Tiree were tasked to probe into the weather patterns and establish whether or not this was true. They signalled back to the disbelief of the boffins at Dunstable who said “Rubbish!” but the Polish Met observer put them straight and after nine and a half hours the aircraft returned safely thanks to the brilliant crew and also the radio fixes from Tiree. The flight data was absolutely crucial to the D-Day plan. Well done 518 Sqn!!! It was a true team effort by a marvellous crew of eight, Stagg was right, Eisenhower trusted him and D-Day went ahead.”


Information about photographs in book `Tiree – War among the Barley and Brine`, 2013

Printed email from Wing Commander Bryn Lewis of RAF 518 Squadron giving information about the people in some of the photographs published in the book `Tiree – War among the Barley and Brine` by Mike Hughes & John Holliday, 2012. Names include: Harry Smith, Joy Sturdy, Fred Parrot, Jim Worthington, Sheila Greig, Fred MacKeown, Eddie Chapman, Georgie Porazka (nee Pickering), Bert Hopkins, Bob Bateson, Jack May, Bob Hill, Les Moorhouse, Kitty Reid, Arthur Kemsley, Leon Newman, Kay Western, Bryn Lewis, Peter Clark, Babs Hockin, Nan Hogwarth, Jean Hind, Snook Williams, Grace MacArthur, Ann MacArthur, May MacArthur. (none of the photos are held by An Iodhlann)


Information about three Australian RAAF servicemen serving on Tiree during WWII

Information about three Australian RAAF servicemen who died in 1944, along with 13 others, when the Halifax aircraft they were flying in collided with another during training over Tiree: William Arthur Graham, Thomas Stephens and John Alexander Peterson.


Information about some of the photos in book `Tiree – War among the Barley and Brine`, 2013

Printed email from Wing Cdr Bryn Lewis, formerly of RAF Tiree, with the names of people he served with from some of the photos in the book `Tiree – War among the Barley and Brine`. Names included: Smith, Sturdy, Parrot, Worthington, Greig, McKeown, Chapman, Porazka, Pickering, Hopkins, Bateson, May, Hill, Moorhouse, Reid, Kemsley, Newman, Western, Lewis, Hogarth, Hind, Hockin, Clark, Williams, Grace MacArthur, Ann MacArthur, May MacArthur. (individual photos held by An Iodhlann updated accordingly)


Information about Australian Flight Officer Thomas Stephens who died in an air collision on Tiree in 1944.

Notices from Australian newspaper `The Argus` in September 1944, about the death of FO. Thomas Stephens who was killed in the mid-air collision between to Halifax aircraft over Tiree in 1944; information about Stephens from the Commonwealth War Graves website; photocopy of a notice in `Vetaffairs` 2012 seeking relatives and friends of Thomas Stephens and the crew of HMS Sturdy.


Papers about mid-air collision of RAF planes over Tiree in 1944

Photocopied collection of various letters, documents, articles and telegrams, regarding Flying Officer Kenneth William Organ, who was one of 16 RAF flight crew who died when two Halifax aircraft of 518 Squadron (Met Obs) collided over Tiree in August 1944. Collection includes: (1) photograph of aircraft (same as photo R153), (2) telegram from 518 Sqn to Dora Organ (wife) informing of death, (3) telegram to wife re funeral arrangements, (4) letter to wife re death, (5) notice of sympathy to wife from Buckingham Palace, (6) commemorative scroll `FO K W Organ RAF`, (7) memorial page for KW Organ from Common Wealth Graves Commission website, (8) `An Investigation of the Air Tests which terminated in a mid-air collision between Halifax M/518 (LL186) and Halifax S/518 (LL296) RAF Tiree – 16 August 1944` by PG Rackliffe, (9) article about 518 Squadron compiled by Geoff Pringle in 2003, (10) extract titled `Of Sea and Sky` from unknamed book about Halifax aircraft and the Meterological Observers. (given to Dr Holliday by the deceased`s don – Ken Organ)