Record Type: jewels


Photograph of the road to Caoles pre 1940

Black & white postcard photograph of the road at Caoles looking from Croish down towards Gunna Sound, when the road was just a sand track before 1940.



Photograph of the wedding of Mairi MacPhail ,daughter of Neil MacPhail (Registrar) and George Griffiths wedding, ca 1970

Black & white photograph of the wedding of Mairi MacPhail and George Griffiths 1970. L-R: Stuart Langley and wife Ann Langley; George Griffiths; Mairi MacPhail ; Maggie MacKinnon; Margaret Leckie (now MacIntyre); Ella Donald; Gordon Donald. Maggie and Ella were sisters. Mairi MacPhail was the daughter of Neil (the Registrar) and Chrissie MacPhail, Kirkapol(Original stored in filing cabinet 10 drawer 1)