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Dissertation about the Tiree bulb-growing industry in the 1960s

Bound dissertation entitled “Tiree Bulbs” about the tulip- and daffodil-growing industry on Tiree in the 1960s. Includes hand-typed preface about the history of bulbs, an account of Tiree`s bulbs, many colour photographs of the different varieties of bulbs growing in-situ on Tiree, photos of some bulb-growers including Duncan MacInnes, Ruaig, and a map of bulb sites around the island. Author: Ena MacLean Percy – a district nurse who attended courses at The Royal College of Nursing in Edinburgh in the 1960s, and retired to Fort William. Bound in royal blue board with gold embossed title on cover. Found at a recycling centre in Fort William in 2011.




Photograph of the ferry `lighter` boat off Scarinish ca. 1950.

Black & white photograph of the `lighter` boat carrying about 20 people being rowed out to the ferry waiting off Scarinish Harbour around 1910. From a postcard.



Photograph of the yacht `Charm` whose wreckage washed up at Hynish Bay in 1945

Black & white photograph of the yacht `Charm` at its berth in Co. Sligo, Ireland in the 1940s. Its wreckage washed up in Hynish Bay in September 1945, with the loss of four lives. The new owner RAF Group Captain G.N. Warrington, his Australian wife and their two friends, FO McGregor and FO Ellis, were sailing from Sligo to Belfast when they ran into a gale and probably a free-floating mine left over from WWII. A full-scale search & rescue was carried out by the RAF and others, but to no avail. Mr & Mrs Warrington had fortunately left their three-year-old son, Alastair, with friends.



Photographs of a baptism in Abhainn Bhi, Balephuil, ca 1970

Three colour photographs showing stages of an adult baptism at the bridge over Abhainn Bhi, the stream that runs out of Loch a` Phuil at Balephuil, around 1970. Before a baptism, the stream would be temporarily dammed so that the water was deep enough for an adult to be submerged when being tipped backwards by the minister. Unknown participants. Found in Flora MacArthur`s house (now demolished) at Sandaig 2010. Original in filing cabinet 9 drawer 3.



Sword bayonet from the 1800s

Short sword with brass handle and metal scabbard with belt loop, that could also be fitted to a rifle and used as a bayonet. Thought to be of French design from the late 1700s-mid 1800s – the slightly sigmoid blade is thought to be Asian influenced. Found hidden in the thatched roof of `Cnoc Bhiosta`, Kilmoluaig, by Ian & Sue Atkins during re-thatching around 2005. It is not known how the sword bayonet came to be hidden in the thatch, although the brother of Calum Iain `Bhan` MacKinnon (who once lived in the house) was in the Canadian army (hence French weapons) in the early 1900s, and may have brought the sword to Tiree during a holiday with Calum.



Photograph of the entrance of An Namh Mhòr, Kenavara, 2010

Colour photograph of the entrance of An Namh Mhòr / The Big Cave at the foot of the sea-cliffs at Kenavara in 2010, showing a rope put in place to allow ascent into the cave. Original stored in filing cabinet 9, drawer 3.



Photograph of a van being hoisted from the ferry to the pier ca. 1963

Colour photograph of a blue transit van (Reg. 716 HGB) being hoisted from the ferry `MV Claymore` to Gott Bay pier around 1962-1964. Original in filing cabinet 9, drawer 3. Includes lettter from the donor with information.



Photograph of Baugh House ca. 1900

Black & white photograph of Baugh House taken by Erskine Beveridge during 1896-1901. Built as the doctor`s house for Dr Buchanan, whose horse and trap is by the door. The original doctor`s `cottage` is beside the L-shaped barn. At the time, the doctor’s living was made from Baugh Farm. Baugh House is still used as the doctor`s residence.