Object Type: video


Video recording of an unknown BBC programme about boarded out children broadcast in 1996.

Programme about children boarded out to Hebridean islands, the work they did on the crofts and how they were treated, featuring Hector MacPhail of Ruaig, Bernie Smith of West Hynish, Jean MacCallum of Balevullin, Robert Gray of Balemartine, Tommy Monaghan of Heanish and John Fletcher of Balemartine.


Video recording of BBC programme `A` Cheud Turas` broadcast on 8/2/1984.

1984 BBC programme with pilot Bill Innes shows Sheila MacKinnon nee MacArthur of Barrapol, Arthur Donald of Vaul, Donald Iain Brown of Crossapol and Craig Langley of Kirkapol around a Boeing 757, Concorde and a Boeing 757 simulator for training pilots at Heathrow Airport.


Video recording BB2 programme about Tiree houses broadcast in November 2003.

BBC2 programme in Gaelic with English subtitles about buildings in Tiree – An Turas, thatched and felt roofed houses, the old steading at the Glebe, nissen huts and the Scarinish lighthouse – featuring Mabel MacArthur of Sandaig, Flora MacPhail in Balevullin, Wilie MacLean of Balinoe, Cathy MacNeill and John George Maclean of Scarinish and John Fletcher of Balemartine.


Video recordings of TV programmes about crofting on Tiree, 1985-86

VHS video of recordings of two TV programmes about crofting on Tiree: (1) (Track 3) STV`s `Scotland Today – The Crofter`s Way` recorded in 1985 about crofting in Tiree and featuring Ailig MacArthur of Heylipol, crofters John and Hugh MacKinnon, thatchers Alexander MacNeil and Hector Brown, Jean MacKay of Balemartine and Janice Monaghan of Heanish, crofters Lachie MacKinnon of Parkhouse and Alastair MacInnes of Ruaig, and teacher Margaret MacKay, (2) (Track 3) Extract from Channel 4`s `Edgeland` recorded in 1986 (?) about crofting in the Highlands and Islands and featuring Tiree with Ailig MacArthur of Heylipol and Alastair MacInnes of Ruaig.