Object Type: mixed media


Various photographs and information about Tiree ancestors of Gordon McConnell, New Zealand

Various photographs and information printed from ancestry websites regarding the Tiree ancestors of Gordon McConnell of New Zealand. Includes: Donald MacLean (his uncle, drowned Bay of Biscay 1928), Hector MacLean, Kenovay (1858-1929, Tobermory), Mary MacLean (b. 1906 Tobermory, d 1983 Wales), Hugh MacKinnon, New Zealand (1916-1943), Charles MacLean, West Lothian (d 1941 France), John McConnell (b. 1903, Mary MacLean`s husband), Margaret MacLean, Ardbeg (b. ca 1860). (individual photos not high enough quality to accession separately)


Emails and information regarding the MacKinnon family of Coll and Canada, 2012

Emails between Glenda Franklin, Canada, Mary MacLean, Scarinish, and Keith Dash regarding Glenda`s information about (1) Hugh MacKinnon, Coll who married Margaret (Peggy) MacPhaden, Tiree, (2) extracts from a book `They Came to Mara…[Canada]`, (3) transcripts of gravestone inscriptions from Knox Presbyterian Cemetery, Mara Township, Ontario, (4) pdf file of the relevant pages of `The Came to Mara` in /My Scans/Documents.


Information and photographs about Alison Balfour and her parrot.

Handwritten information and photographs regarding Alison K C Balfour`s (Lady Frances Balfour`s daughter) engagement to Dr Milne and the African Grey Parrot that he gave to her in May 1909. The parrot was taught to say “no votes for women”!


Photographs and texts about RAF Tiree 518 Squadron during WWII

Black & white photographs, information, letters and compositions regarding 518 Squadron, the Meteorological Observers, on RAF Tiree during World War II. Photographs accessioned separately Q177 & Q178.


Collection of six photographs of Balemartine people ca. 1945-1975

Collection of six black & white and colour photographs of people living in Balemartine. Taken between 1945 and 1975, and information about the people in them. Four photos scanned and accessioned separately: P198 & P199, Q100 & Q101.


Information and photographs about the Canadian relatives of the MacKinnons of Lodge Farm, Kirkapol.

Information about the Canadian relatives of the MacKinnons of Lodge Farm, Kirkapol. Includes photocopies of sepia photos of the families of John MacKinnon & Mary MacPhail of Osprey Township, Grey County, Ontario; Donald & Margaret MacKinnon; Archibald MacPhail and Flora MacKinnon of Kincardine Township, Ontario; unknown couple. Colour photograph of the MacKinnon reunion of 23 June 2007 at Port Elgin, Ontario. Colour photo of Robert Hugh MacKinnon and son James Hugh MacKinnon 1982 at Goderich, Ontario, at the anchor of the schooner `Sephie` sailed by Robert`s grandfather Capt. Hugh MacKinnon.


Information about the yacht `Charm` whose wreckage washed up in Hynish Bay in 1945

History, letter, newpaper cuttings, telegrams, maps and photographs relating to the yacht `Charm` whose wreckage washed up in Hynish Bay in September 1945, with the loss of four lives. The new owner RAF Group Captain GN Warrington, his Australian wife, and their two friends, FO McGregor and FO Ellis, were sailing from Sligo to Belfast when they ran into a gale and probably a free-floating mine. A full-scale search & rescue was carried out by the RAF and others. Mr & Mrs Warrington had fortunately left their three-year-old son, Alastair, with friends. See photographs P155-P157.


Photographs and information about a spinning wheel possibly made on Tiree

Photograph and information about a spinning wheel, hand-made by Hugh MacInnes, possibly Tiree. It was given to a young bride from Lochgilphead and passed down through the “Campbell women” to modern times, and now in the possession of Mrs Campbell, Dollar. Includes a letter regarding the spinning wheel from Rev. Ray Gaston, Dollar, to An Iodhlann, 2011, and a responding letter, and a letter from the owner Mrs Jennifer Campbell, Dollar, and responding letter, 2011. (See also photo P124)


26 photographs and explanatory notes from Lydia Wysocki nee Brown during a visit to Tiree 1940-1960

26 black & white photographs from and including Lydia Wysocki (nee Brown) during visits to Tiree between 1940 and 1970. With explanatory notes and brief genealogical notes by Calum Mac Kinnon, USA, a relative. Includes several photos of pipers, dancers and horses at an agricultural show thought to be at Crossapol Farm. See 2010.75.2-10 for further details.