Object Type: map


Photograph of the 1768 Turnbull Map

Printed photograph of the original Turnbull Map of Tiree, 1768 held in the archives of Inveraray Castle. Photographed during a visit by Glenda Franklin in 2013. Digital copy stored on An Iodhlann computer.


Maps regarding the weather station at Cornaigmore, 1926

Photocopies of two maps pertaining to the installation of the weather station at Cornaigmore School in the 1920s. One is a plan of the location of the weather station at the school hand-drawn by Argyll Estates with reference to the Feu Contract. The other is a hand-annotated Ordnance Survey map showing the location in the context of Tiree. From Kew National Archives. Also see 2013.72.1 for accompanying letters.


Wartime map of Tiree aerodrome

WWII map of the RAF aerodrome at Crossapol and the Reef copied onto a polyester banner with Tyvek coating. “Secret Sheet No. 24”. Scale 1:2500, 23.11.1943. The original belongs to Tish MacKinnon, Kilmoluaig, and is held in the National Library of Scotland. Also on CD-ROM 2013.52.2 in filing cabinet 9 drawer 4.


Gaelic map of the World, 2003

Map of the world with countries and placenames in Gaelic. Scale 1:22,000,000


Map of Tiree showing proposed new roads in 1937

Annotated map of Tiree hand-drawn by Argyll County`s Engineer in 1937, showing the position of proposed new roads at Cornaig-Balevullin and Barrapol-Kilkenneth. Scale 1 inch to 1 mile. Found in Colin MacPhail`s byre at Crossapol. (photocopy in the `Map Key` folder in the main store)


Map of Soroby cemetery 2012

Original hand-drawn map of the locations of all grave markers in the old sections of Soroby Cemetery. Researched and produced by Catriona Smyth as part of a contract with An Iodhlann to chart and photograph the headstones in Soroby Cemetery. Accompanied by a digital copy printed on hard board (2013.1.2) and a database of photographs and transcriptions of the headstones.