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1881 Census information about Alexander MacLean (71 yrs), Balemeanach/Middleton Farm House, his farm (13 acres) and his household: his wife Flora MacLean (55 yrs), John MacLean (36), Alexander MacLean (20), Charles MacLean (18), Hector MacLean (13), Mary Ann MacLean (10), Murdoch MacKinnon (1) and John Ellen MacKinnon (18).



1901 census information for Vaul listing house number, names of occupants, position in household, occupation and year of birth. House numbers run from ‘Tichavruich’ in upper Vaul up to ‘Dunmore’, then down to the shore along the lower track to ‘Seaside’ and then back to ‘Silversands’.

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Bound list of Tiree Merchant Seaman Records compiled by John MacLean, Clydebank, in May 2012. Includes (a) a printed extract from the Register of Seamen’s Tickets 1845-1854 (BT113) held at the National Archives in Kew, listing ticket numbers, seaman’s first and last names, place and date born, first date at sea and designation (post held), age, and ticket details, (b) a list of Tiree Mariners 1848-1920 including ship’s name, mariner’s first and last names, age, birth place, current address, designation, voyage, and previous ship. See also 2010.53.14

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