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Letter dated 10/2/1969 to the Divisionary Vetinary Officer from Robert Beck, vet and Chairman of Tiree Council of Social Service Agricultural Sub-Committee.

Draft letter to accompany the signatures of 100% of the resident herd owners on Tiree who wish the island`s cattle be treated as one herd for the purpose of becoming accredited under the Brucellosis Scheme.


Discussion document re radioactive waste, 1980-1990

Discussion document re the development of a repository for the disposal of low and intermediate-level radioactive waste produced by United Kingdom Nirex Ltd.


Photocopy of agreement between Wilson Simmers and Archibald MacDonald, 1871.

Agreement between Wilson Simmers, owner of the wrecked schooner `Philorth`, and Archibald MacDonald regarding the sale of the schooner for £105. The wreck of the `Philorth` lay on the beach at Kennavara, Tiree.



Photocopy of petition to William Sproat from the owners and masters of vessels frequenting Scarinish harbour.

Petition to Willian Sproat, Porcurator Fiscal, to take legal steps to have the hulk of the `Laverock Scott` owned by Archibald Brown of Mannal removed from Scarinish harbour where it is poses a danger to other vessels.


Copy of High Court Indictment of 1886 against eight Tiree men, with photocopy.

Indictment against Alexander McLean, Colin Henderson, Hector McDonald, John Sinclair , John McFadyen and Gilbert McDonald, all from Balemartine, George William Campbell from Balinoe, and Donald McKinnon from Balephuil, for mobbing and rioting, and deforcing an officer of the law in the execution of his duty. The men occupied the farm at Greenhill and prevented a writ being served to quit the property.