Object Type: artefact

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Small, brass weighing scales and weights (5mg to 10g) , probably used for measuring out small quantities of medicines in the 1960s. Includes black storage case (18 x 9.5 x 2 cm), which also acts as a stand for the scales.


Pipe wind cap from Calum (Salum) MacLean’s shop in Salum. Round metal cap for placing over the end of a smoker’s pipe in order to prevent the wind from disturbing the tabacco. These were used by sailors, crofters when in the hay barns, or by those not wanting holes burned into their clothes.


Collection of 44 fragments of pottery from a dune blow-out at Traigh nan Gilean, Kennavara (NL 94668 41595), including one larger marked piece (8 x 6.5 cm). Collected by John Wombell during a North of Scotland Archaeological Society (NOSAS) field trip in June 2017.

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