Object Type: artefact

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Schrader-Universal tyre pressure gauge used by RAF Servicemen on Tiree during WWII. Compact and made of steel, it was manufactured in the USA by A. Schrader’s Son Inc., New York, for use on Michelin Dunlop tyres, and patented in Australia and England. The end pops out when it reaches the correct pressure.


Large heavy brass plug/valve/tap with eyelet (unknown purpose) found around Donald Brown’s house at Vaul.


Small clear glass bottle embossed with ELLIMAN’S EMBROCATION. The embrocation (lotion) was first formulated by James Elliman of Slough in 1847 as a muscle rub for animals. It was later sold for use on people, and become famous as an aid for aching muscles and joints. Found around Donald Brown’s house at Vaul.

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