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Photocopy of a letter 6/1/1979 from Joan Woodcock to the minister on Tiree re the wreck of the `Artuoise`(Artoise).

The sailing ship `Artuoise` was wrecked on Tiree in 1830 and her master, Owen Edwards, drowned and was buried on the island. The writer of the letter who is either the great-grand-daughter or great-great-niece of the master is enquiring about records of the burial. The crew of the Artuoise were buried near Dun Hanais south of Craiginnis behind Ben Hough.



Book and two audio cassettes `Colloquial Scottish Gaelic` by Katherine M. Spardaro & Katie Graham

Complete course of Gaelic for beginners.


Extract from Aberdeen University Review – `Gaelic: A Future for the Heritage` a talk given by Prof. Donald Meek, with photocopy.

Talk given by Professor Meek at the Conference on `Traditional Culture and Cultural Policy in Scotland`, marking the inauguration of the Elphinstone Institute at Aberdeen University in 1996.


Bound report for Comunn na Gaidhlig by Kenneth MacKinnon, SGRUD.

Description of events affecting the Gaelic language over the previous century and the implications of developments for future language policies.

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