Collection of around 45 letters of condolence written to the family of Charles McLean (1917-1941), beginning with a telegram from RAF Emsworth to Charles’ father’s work place. Charles was the son of Donald Archibald McLean, Kenovay and Linlithgow, and his wife Euphemia Terris Stoddart. An RAF Pilot Officer with 3 and 217 Squadrons, Charles went missing in action over the English Channel in November 1941. The letters provide an insight into the trauma of losing a loved one to active service at that time, and include special letters kept by the family in a red photo album titled ‘The Life and Times of Charles McLean’, and letters from friends and family on Tiree plus other significant letters, including those from parents of other members of Charles’ crew who were lost (Childs, Halley). Part of a large collection of items belonging to and about Donald Archibald McLean, Kenovay (1890-1981), and his family.

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2020.1.88 217 Squadron

2020.1.88 red photo album

2020.1.88 Tiree plus

2020.1.88 Donalds family off Tiree

2020.1.88 Euphemias family USA and India

2020.1.88 other RAF parents

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