Certificate from the Institute of Bankers in Scotland to Charles McLean on passing an exam which allowed him entry as a Member, June 1938, and a receipt for his annual subscription to the same organisation. Two postal envelopes formerly containing official documents addressed to Charles McLean (1917-1941), son of Donald Archibald McLean, Kenovay. One is from the Passport Office and addressed to his home in Linlithgow, dated 21/7/1939, the other from London dated 21/11/1941 and marked ‘Private’. Charles served as a Pilot Officer in the RAF during WWII. The second letter was sent to 217 Squadron based in Cornwall, just days after Charles went missing in action over the English Channel. Part of a large collection of items belonging to and about Donald Archibald McLean, Kenovay (1890-1981), and his family.

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Object Details

Other Number: not specified
Normal Location: Main Store North: freestanding file box
Current Location: normal location

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