Photocopy of a hand-written account of the story of Donald ‘The Pilot’ MacLean, Ruaig (born 1727), who piloted Bonnie Prince Charlie’s rescue ship after the Battle of Culloden in 1746. The seven-page letter was written on small pieces of paper around 1900 by Donald’s grandson, also Donald MacLean (1817-1907), who lived at Hynish House. It begins “the following is what report I heard from my father over 70 years ago”.

Tiree in 100 Objects – 8 – Donald the Pilot

The History of Tiree in 100 Objects

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Normal Location: Filing Cabinet 10: drawer 2
Current Location: normal location

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  1. John MacKenzie

    What I found interesting is the reference to place in Coll I haven’t heard used since my grandparents were alive. Port na Luigeadh, is what is known now as Port na Luinge, maybe the modern name came from this story. Chleachd mo sheanmhair an ainm sin an comhnaidh son an àite. Inntineach gu dearbh.


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