Photograph of the spoon and badge from HMS Sturdy

Colour photograph of a spoon and ship`s badge from the HMS Sturdy that was wrecked on rocks at Sandaig in 1940. The items were given to two nurses who were on holiday on Tiree at the time and who helped the crew. (see 2012.94.1-4)


Object Details

Other Number: R162

Ship`s badge and spoon salvaged from HMS Sturdy

Glasgow nurses Bessie and Katie were on holiday on Tiree when the Sturdy ran aground at Sandaig in 1940. They rallied round to help the survivors and, as a thank you gift from the grateful sailors, were given the ship`s brass badge and a chrome-plated spoon from the mess.
Normal Location: Photograph Shelves: photographs R100-199
Current Location: normal location

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