Peter-dum-dick toy

Child`s toy made of the iron heel of a hob-nailed boot, twisted string and short length of wood. Known as a `Peter-dum-dick` and possibly used as a catapult or for making clacking noises. Presented to Alan Boyd by Hugh MacLean, Barrapol, around 1985.


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Peter-dum-Dick toy

Made in Barrapol from the iron heel plate of a hob-nailed boot, a length of twisted string and a piece of flat wood. It is not known exactly what the Peter-dum-Dick was for (or how it got its name), although it could have been used as a catapult or for making clacking noises.

Normal Location: Pedestal Unit 1: drawer 2
Current Location: normal location

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  1. Evelyn Adams

    Back in the 1950s my mother taught me and my brother a rhyme which was supposed to be the sound of a steam train going over the tracks:
    Peter dum dick / When did you quit? / Yesterday morning at half past six


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