Photograph of Mrs ? MacLean inside Hynish House circa 1950

Sepia photograph of Mrs ? MacLean sitting by her piano in Hynish House in the 1950s or 1940s. Her father may have been a tacksman on Tiree. (Original stored in filing cabinet 9 drawer 3)


Object Details

Other Number: N104

Inside Hynish House in the 1950s

We are not sure of this rather grand-looking lady`s full name, but understand that she was known as Mrs MacLean and that her father may have been a tacksman on Tiree. Tacksmen occupied a sort of `middle tier` in landownership between the Duke of Argyll and the crofters. Mrs MacLean`s father may have been distantly related to the Duke and probably held enough land that he was able to sublet to crofters, whilst retaining his right to the land for generations.
Normal Location: Photograph Shelves: photographs N100-199
Current Location: normal location

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