Copy of letter containing information about Captain Donald Archibald MacCallum of Tiree, ca 2005

Photocopy of a letter from “George” to Donald MacLeod about a convoy of Navy vessels torpedoed during World War II. Includes information on Captain Donald Archibald MacCallum of Tiree, whose ship “Designer” was sunk on 9 July 1941, was taken prisoner but died when the U boat he was in was sunk on 13 Jan 1943. George survived his ship “Auditor” being torpedoed on 4 July 1941. Paragraph on faulty rescue strategy imposed by Admiralty.

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Other Number: not specified
Normal Location: Filing Cabinet 9: drawer 2
Current Location: normal location

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  1. Grant Farquharson

    There is some confusion between captains Donald Archie Mac Callum and Donald Mac Callum. Donald Mac Callum was the nephew of Donald Archie. Donald Mac Callum,s ship was the Baron Dechmont,his ship was sunk of the coast of Brazil. Donald was taken aboard the u boat which was sunk a few days later. Captain Donald Archie Mac Callum was master on the SS Designer. He was lost off west Africa when his ship was torpedoed. Donald Mac Callum,s father was Duncan Mac Callum brother of Donald Archie Mac Callum. The Mac Callum,s were from Kimalouig. I am Donald Archie Mac Callum,s grandson.


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