Colour photograph of the range in Iain MacKinnon`s croft house in Kilmoluaig.

The range inside Iain MacKinnon`s (Iain Chaluim) thatched house in Kilmoluaig.


Object Details

Other Number: R76

Traditional range

The range was the heart of the house, providing heat for comfort and cooking in the main room. This one was photographed around 1980 in Iain MacKinnon`s (Iain Chaluim) thatched house in Kilmoluaig (now Cnoc Bhiosta). Iain lived there all his life, as he preferred it, without mains water or electricity. His was the last house on the island without electricity.
Normal Location: Photograph Shelves: photographs – R1-99
Current Location: normal location

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