Hector, Duncan and Lachie Dan MacCallum of Pictou Island, Nova Scotia

Photograph of brothers Hector, Duncan and Lachie Dan MacCallum on Pictou Island, Nova Scotia in the early 1950s.


Courtesy of Mr Ken MacCallum

Donald and Flora McCallum emigrated from Tiree around 1823 with their nine children. Donald was probably the son of John McCallum, the first miller at Cornaigmore, who received a tack of the mill from the Duke in 1776. Donald’s brother, Lachlan, emigrated around the same time and settled on Pictou Island in Nova Scotia.

Lachlan’s son Daniel, ‘Big Dan’ McCallum, was born on Pictou Island and followed the charismatic minister Norman McLeod who took a group of followers from Scotland to Cape Breton, sailing on to Australia and finally New Zealand. Big Dan returned from the Victorian gold fields to become a sailor running the Union blockade of the southern ports during the American Civil War before returning to farm on Pictou Island.

Daniel’s three sons in the photograph made their livings as lobster fishermen. His great-grandson, Ken MacCallum, practises law in New York City and resides in Connecticut.

Black and white photograph of Hector, Duncan and Lachie MacCallum in Pictou Island in the 1950s.

The great-grandsons of John MacCallum, the first miller at Cornaig, on Pictou Island, Nova Scotia in the early 1950s. L-R: Hector MacCallum (1878-1953), Duncan MacCallum (1874-1955) and Lachie Dan MacCallum (1881-1967).

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