Newspaper article about vist to Barra by Cornaigmore Junior Secondary School in 1974.

Group of pupils from Cornaigmore Junior Secondary School photographed at Castlebay pier during a visit to Barra in 1974 for three sporting fixtures: netball, football and hockey. L-R: unknown; Gordon Connell, teacher; Jane or Isabel MacLachlan, (boarded out); Donna Campbell, Middleton (BO); Catherine MacPherson, teacher; Ann Cameron, Balevullin; May Margaret MacDonald, Balephuil; Margaret Ann Campbell, Cornaigbeg; Christine MacClounnan, Balephuil; Christina Brown, Crossapol; Jill Robertson, Ruaig; Jane Weatherston, Scarinish; Mairi MacInnes, Ruaig; June Clarke, Barrapol (BO); Archie MacKinnon, Kirkapol; Drew Black, Scarinish/Gott; Iain MacKinnon, Barrapol; Archie MacFadyen, Balemartine; Torquil Donald, Vaul; Duncan MacPhee, Scarinish; Lachie Campbell, Cornaigbeg; Iain MacDonald, Cornaigbeg (missionary); David Monaghan, Kilkenneth (BO). Eddie Gillespie, Jacqueline MacFadyen, Brian, MacFadyen and Fiona Green nee Stewart were also on the trip but not photographed. Tommy Monaghan (BO) should have gone but had put a grape through his foot and was unable to play football.

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