Cross-incised stone at St Patrick’s Chapel

Photograph of a cross-incised stone at St Patrick’s Chapel on Kennavara.


Courtesy of Mrs Grace Campbell

Up on Kennavara for a picnic, the young man in this photograph of 1920 is hiding behind the smaller of two incised stones at St Patrick’s Chapel which bear Latin crosses on both faces. Another cross is carved into a boulder to the south-east of the chapel.

On the shoreline below the chapel is a naturally formed swallow-hole sixty centimetres in diameter and over one metre deep which is known locally as St Patrick’s Vat or Well. It is traditionally regarded as a baptismal font.

There is no evidence that St Patrick ever came to Tiree but there is a Tiree tale that St Comgall, the founder of Bangor Abbey in Northern Ireland and a contemporary of St Columba, founded a monastery on Kennavara.

Black and white photograph of St Patrick`s Chapel on Kennavara in 1920.

The cross-marked stone at St Patrick`s Chapel on Kennavara in 1920.

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