Archibald MacLean (1887-1920)

Photograph of Archibald MacLean, miller at Cornaig.


Courtesy of Mrs Annie Kennedy

Archibald MacLean (Èardsaidh Ruadh) took over the tenancy of Cornaig mill in 1905 for a rent of £42 per year. The conditions of the tenancy were that the miller had to make good any breakages to the machinery and to clean out the mill and lade regularly.

He was entitled to one seventeenth part in weight of all the grain sent to the mill. In addition he could claim one eighth part of a bushel of grain from each person using the mill as payment for providing lighting and cleaning the mill and lade.

The miller was not allowed to keep or allow animals of any description in the mill. He was also to manage, cultivate and manure the arable land included in the tenancy according to the rules of good husbandry.

Black and white photograph of Archibald MacLean, miller at Cornaigmore.

Archibald MacLean, miller at Cornaigmore.

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