Photocopied page of newspaper cuttings about the clippers `Taeping`, `Ariel` and `Serica`, and the China Tea Race of 1866.

(1) Letter to the editor of the Glasgow Herald, 1963, by Donald B MacCulloch of Glasgow, about the cause of death of the Taeping`s captain, Donald MacKinnon, and other information about his family. Letter to the editor of the Glasgow Herald by John Graham of Troon with extracts from the logs of the `Taeping`, `Ariel` and `Serica`, and other information about the tea clippers. (2) Article in the Glasgow Herald, 1963, about about The Great China Tea Clipper Race of 1866 won by Captain Donald MacKinnon of Heanish. (3) Oban Times article of 13/5/1965 about the China Clipper Race of 1886 by Neil Brown.

Object Details

Other Number: not specified
Normal Location: Filing Cabinet 3: drawer 1
Current Location: normal location

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