Black and white photograph of Heylipol School in 1936.

Hillipol School, in 1936. L-R: (back row) Flora Nisbet, Teacher; Alasdair MacDonald, Sandaig; Neil Brownlie, Barrapol; Calum Henderson, Moss; Neil MacLean, Hough; Donald Kennedy, Balephuil; Neil MacNeill, Barrapol; Hector MacKinnon, Sandaig; Archie MacLean, Greenhill House; Hector Campbell, Barrapol; Hector MacNeill, Barrapol; James Campbell, Headmaster; (2nd back row) Archie MacArthur, Middleton Farm; Nonnie Campbell, Hillipol; Nancy MacLean, Hillipol Farm; Flora MacArthur, Sandaig; Mary Anne Henderson, Moss; Cathie Kennedy, Kilkenneth; Cathie Campbell, Kilkenneth; Cathie Hume, Hillipol Farm; Johann Brownlie, Barrapol; Mary MacArthur, Sandaig; John Campbell, Barrapol; John Hume, Hillipol Farm; (2nd front row) Colin MacKinnon, Sandaig; Neil MacKinnon, Barrapol; John MacArthur, Middleton Farm; Flora MacLean, Greenhill House; Kate Kennedy, Moss; Morag Kennedy, Traigh Bhì, Balephuil; Peggy Campbell, Hillipol; Archie MacLean, Hough House; John MacKinnon, Greenhill; Neil MacLean, Hillipol Farm; unknown; (front row) Donald Alasdair, MacLean, Hough; Mary Kennedy, Traigh Bhì, Balephuil; Mary MacKinnon, Barrapol; Flora MacKinnon, Barrapol; Effie MacKinnon, Hough; Ishabel MacPhail, Balephuil; unknown; Marion Kennedy, Kilkenneth; Hugh Archie MacLean, Hough House; Donald MacKinnon. Original in filing cabinet 3 drawer 1.


Object Details

Other Number: P33
Normal Location: Photograph Shelves: photographs – P1-99
Current Location: normal location

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