The Lodge at Kirkapol

Postcard of the Lodge at Kirkapol.


The Lodge in Kirkapol was enlarged in the early 1890s for Lady Victoria Campbell who made it her permanent home while on Tiree. The Ordnance Survey indicates that the original building was used as a school for boys and girls in 1878.

Initially Lady Victoria visited the islands for around six weeks each year, staying with the factor Hugh MacDiarmid and his family at Island House while on Tiree. In 1891 she determined to spend her winters on Tiree and rented a number of houses until work on the Lodge was complete.

While on the island Lady Victoria organised sewing classes for girls and woodwork classes for boys. She started agitating for Gott Bay pier in 1891 and lobbied successfully for a district nurse for the island.

Black and white postcard of the Tiree Lodge.

The Tiree Lodge at Kirkapol.

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