‘Magnus III’ at Gott Bay pier in 1973

Photograph of the giant floating crane ‘Magnus III’ raising the ferry ‘Loch Seaforth’ at Gott Bay pier in 1973.


Courtesy of Mr Angus MacLean

In March 1973 the Caledonian MacBrayne ferry ‘Loch Seaforth’ ran aground in the Sound of Gunna. The passengers and crew were taken ashore by three lifeboats, two of which were towed by fishing boats.

After being refloated, the ferry was towed to Gott Bay for inspection, was pumped but continued to ship water and sank the next day, blocking the pier. The ‘Claymore’ came out of retirement and maintained the service assisted by one of the Iona motor ferry boats.

In May the giant floating crane ‘Magnus III’ arrived, lifted the ‘Loch Seaforth’ and moved her to the beach below the Lodge Hotel. She was patched and refloated then towed to Troon where she was scrapped.

Black and white photograph of the raising of the `Loch Seaforth` in 1973.

The giant floating crane `Magnus III` raising the ferry `Loch Seaforth` which sank beside Gott Bay pier in 1973.

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