Johnny Brown with the ‘Spindrift’

Photograph of Johnny Brown with his launch ‘Spindrift’ at Scarinish harbour.


Johnny Brown, pictured here at Scarinish harbour, was the tenant of Scarinish Farm and the Temperance Hotel there in the 1930s and 1940s. He was also the owner of the motor launch ‘Spindrift’ which was worked by Neil Munn (Neila) of Heanish.

Neila’s work with the ‘Spindrift’ included fishing for lobsters, taking the hotel guests out on fishing trips, and, when work was needed to be done on the Browns’ family farm in Mannal, ferrying the farmhands from Scarinish to Mannal in the morning and bringing them home at night.

The late Hector MacPhail recorded a practical joke on Neila which backfired. One day the farmhands filled Neila’s sea-boots with water. He said nothing but the next day, once out of Scarinish harbour, he donned oilskins and went full ahead to Mannal, drenching the workers with spray on the way.

Board mounted photograph of Johnny Brown with the `Spindrift` displayed in An Iodhlann`s 1997 exhibition.

Johnny Brown, owner of the Temperance Hotel in Scarinish, with the motor launch ‘Spindrift’ in front of Taigh Mairi Claddaich in the 1930s or1940s.

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