Audio cassette recording of Willie MacLean, Balinoe singing his own songs.

Willie MacLean of Balinoe sings his own songs in Gaelic. A (1) An Cluin Thu Mi, (2) Is Tim Dhomh Dusgadh, (3) Gruagach Og an Fhuilt Bhan, (4) Na Cnuic `s na Glinn, (5) Bith Siubhal na `m Aonar. B (6) An Teid Thu Leam, (7) Mo Nighean Bhan, (8) Chaneil Fhios aig Duine, (9) Tha mi fo Smuairean, (5) A Mhaighean Og.

Object Details

Other Number: AC11
Normal Location: Bookshelves: audio cassettes
Current Location: normal location

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