Black and white photograph of Scarinish School in 1933.

Scarinish School, 1933. L-R: (front row) Lachie MacKinnon, Parkhouse; Sheena Glenday, Heanish Police Station; Katie MacLean, Lighthouse View; Cathie MacDonald, The Coolins, Pier Road; Angus Munn, Heanish; Archie and John MacDonald, Scarinish (brothers of Morag Slowther); (second row) Mona Glenday, Heanish Police Station; Mona MacDonald, The Coolins, Pier Road; Hetty MacDonald, Scarinish; Anne MacArthur, Balephetrish House; Mamie Miller, Baugh; Donald MacDonald, Heanish; (third row) Grace MacArthur, Balephetrish House; Anne MacKinnon, Heanish (married Alasdair MacDonald, Balevullin); Kate Nisbet, Heanish; Rosie MacIntyre, The Lodge; Mary MacKinnon, Homestead, Heanish; (back row standing) Neil MacKinnon, U. F. Manse, Scarinish (now Taigh a` Rudha), killed in Italy in WWII; Lachie MacFadyen, Heanish; Donald MacLean, Scarinish (postman`s son); Mary Ann MacIntyre, Gott (married Donald MacDonald, Heanish) ; Donald MacIntyre, Gott; Alick Duncan MacCallum, Scarinish; Neil MacDonald, Port na Criche, Scarinish; Katie MacLean, Scarinish (postman`s daughter); Alasdair Glenday, Heanish Police Station.


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Other Number: E32
Normal Location: Photograph Shelves: photographs – E1-99
Current Location: normal location

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