Dates: 700s


Collection of 12 academic papers (1984-2013) about Vikings in the Hebrides including information on Norse names in Barra, the Hebrides and the N Atlantic area, Viking silver and gold artefacts, migration to the Inner Hebrides, Norse and Gaelic ancestry by DNA analysis, genetic evidence in Shetland and Orkney, colonization of the N. Atlantic, ethnicity, the Vikings in Gaelic oral tradition.


Photograph of a piece of hexagonal basalt at Baugh, 2014


Colour photograph of a piece of basalt rock found on the beach at Baugh in 2014. Although the edges are now worn, it appears similar to the hexagonal rocks of Staffa (see V128), from where it may have originated.


Book `Atlantic Hazel`, 2012

Softback book about the history, ecology and conservation of native hazel woodland on the Atlantic fringes of Britain and Ireland. Hazel woodland is thought to have existed on Tiree and Coll around 9,000 years ago. The nuts were probably an important food source for seasonal foragers around the sea kingdom.


Information about storms that ravaged the islands around 750 AD

Photocopied pages from `Origines Parachiales Scotiae, 1854` about a storm that ravaged Iona in 744 AD with the loss of any lives, and handwritten notes by Jim Hill, Coll, suggesting that the storm must have done equal if not more damage on the other islands. In the oral tradition of Coll the island was once divided into three by a great storm.