Dates: 300s


Book `Scotland: An Archaeological Guide` by Euan W. MacKie.

Scotland`s history and archaeology from earliest times to the 12th century A.D. Geographical arrangement of major sites with Tiree`s Dun Mor Vaul broch pp. 159 – 160.


Book `A Highland Chapbook` by Isabel Cameron.

Folk literature of the Highlands, including chapters on Douglas Graham, Folk Words and sayings, (Gaelic and Scots) charms, omens, witches and warlocks, magic, shape shifting, the Brotherhood of the Horseman`s word, water kelpies and religion.


Book `Eigg – the Story of an Island` by Camille Dressler.

The story of Eigg and its inhabitants from earliest times to the present day, using written accounts, oral history, legends, song, and photographs. Covers crofting, clearances, clan battles, famine and changing landscapes until the community buy-out in June 1997.