Dates: 2010s

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Fact sheet about “Tilley” – Tiree`s community wind turbine, 2010

Factsheet about Tiree`s community wind turbine “Tilley” giving the background to the project, its costs, output, comparison with other island wind turbines, electricity and income, future, tiree windfall fund, personnel involved and acknowledgements.

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Update from the Atlantic Rising project 2010

Printout of email from Will Lorimer and sample internet content from the Atlantic Rising project. The Atlantic Rising team visit low-lying communities around the Atlantic edge that are being, or will be, affected by sea-level rises of 1m due to climate change. Includes Tiree, where Tiree school children and fishermen helped launch a huge message in a bottle. Will`s family have a second home at Hynish – Millport House.


Private investigation into fatal mid-air collision between two Halifax reconnaisance planes over Tiree during WWII

Short report by Peter Rackliff of his private investigation into the fatal collision between two meteorolgical survey planes over Tiree during World War II, in which all 16 crew members died. Draws on evidence from the official `Report on a Flying Accident (Form 765c)` – August 1944, `Weather conditions and Air tests`, extracts from independent eyewitness accounts of crofter Hugh MacLean, Barrapol and shepherd David McClounnan, and extracts from the `Proceedings of a Court of Inquiry (Form 412)`. Covering note from Peter Rackliff to Janet Bowler, An Iodhlann 22/05/09. Includes ring-bound updated version donated 17 Aug 2014.

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