Dates: 1990s


Audio cassette recording of Angus MacLean interviewed by Maggie Campbell in Scarinish on 20/11/01.

Angus MacLean of Scarinish talks to Maggie Campbell in November 2001 about his time in the fire service after the RAF left, the first fire leader Neil Gunn from Heanish and his team, the Western Area Fire Service in the 1950s, using a Hathaway pump, the fire box at Taigh na Beairt in Scarinish, the new fire station beside the hotel, the first fire tender in 1970, the better equipment under Strathclyde Fire Brigade, several fires including two fatal ones and the improvements in the service.


Audio cassette recording of Stewart Langley interviewed by Maggie Campbell in Kirkapol on 17/11/01

Stewart Langley of Kirkapol talks to Maggie Campbell in November 2001 about his time in the Volunteer Fire Service from 1967 to 2001, about the fire engines, breathing apparatus and fire hazards, the difficulties of recruiting fire-fighters and the improvements he’s seen during his time in the service.


Two short papers about Gaelic by Dr. John Holliday.

(1) Summary of the results from a Gaelic Survey conducted by Tiree & Coll Gaelic Partnership. (2) Plan to encourage Gaelic on Tiree through Gaelic playgroups, Gaelic Medium Unit, adult classes and bilingual signs.


List of ceilidhs held on Tiree 1990-1991.

List of performers and the instruments used at three ceildidhs held on 26/11/1990, 2/2/1991 and 19/3/1991.


Computer printout of the results of a Gaelic Survey of Tiree and Coll in 1994

Method, results and conclusions drawn from Gaelic survey of Coll and Tiree conducted by Tiree and Coll Gaelic partnership in 1993-4.


Extract from Aberdeen University Review – `Gaelic: A Future for the Heritage` a talk given by Prof. Donald Meek, with photocopy.

Talk given by Professor Meek at the Conference on `Traditional Culture and Cultural Policy in Scotland`, marking the inauguration of the Elphinstone Institute at Aberdeen University in 1996.