Dates: 1990s

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Extract from Aberdeen University Review – `Gaelic: A Future for the Heritage` a talk given by Prof. Donald Meek, with photocopy.

Talk given by Professor Meek at the Conference on `Traditional Culture and Cultural Policy in Scotland`, marking the inauguration of the Elphinstone Institute at Aberdeen University in 1996.


Two short papers about Gaelic by Dr. John Holliday.

(1) Summary of the results from a Gaelic Survey conducted by Tiree & Coll Gaelic Partnership. (2) Plan to encourage Gaelic on Tiree through Gaelic playgroups, Gaelic Medium Unit, adult classes and bilingual signs.


List of ceilidhs held on Tiree 1990-1991.

List of performers and the instruments used at three ceildidhs held on 26/11/1990, 2/2/1991 and 19/3/1991.


Computer printout of the results of a Gaelic Survey of Tiree and Coll in 1994

Method, results and conclusions drawn from Gaelic survey of Coll and Tiree conducted by Tiree and Coll Gaelic partnership in 1993-4.

1 104 105 106