Dates: 1930s

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Pipe wind cap from Calum (Salum) MacLean’s shop in Salum. Round metal cap for placing over the end of a smoker’s pipe in order to prevent the wind from disturbing the tabacco. These were used by sailors, crofters when in the hay barns, or by those not wanting holes burned into their clothes.


Chanter belonging to Captain Lachlan MacPhail, Tiree and Glasgow (b. 1890), who was a great piper and writer of bagpipe tunes, and who had a pipe tune named after him. The chanter was presented to An Iodhlann by his eldest grandson on behalf of Lachlan’s three daughters Isabel, Cath and Margaret, who spent the holidays in Tiree in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s.


Twenty-three glass lantern-slides of photographs of Tiree artefacts, people and places, 11 of which were taken by archaeologist George Holleyman FSA while he was posted at RAF Tiree during WWII, and 12 which were photographed by him from the book ‘Coll and Tiree’ by Erskine Beveridge (marked with a small pencil dot on each paper enclosure). Stored in the third of three archival boxes containing a total of 73 slides. Most of the images are digitised and catalogued separately – see 2017.54.5 for notes.

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